Isn't AntiVirus Software Enough?

There are many free programs available on the Internet; you have probably downloaded some of them for yourself. File-sharing programs such as KaZaa and Bearshare seem to offer you the world for free and yet there is a hidden price. In order to be free, extra software is often times included with them. These extra programs are usually spyware or adware in disguise. Requests by any program to add extra toolbars or search tools should always be refused.

Trickery is another way in which spyware get installed by your hand. Have you ever received a pop-up window that looks like a Windows error message insisting that you have spyware or viruses and that you should click "Ok" to run a scan immediately? Have you ever clicked on link that told you that you've won something and that you should "click here" to redeem it? Don't do it! It's a trick. Clicking anywhere inside that window can produce a response that gives permission to the pop-up to install whatever it wants to on your PC. Instead, click on the red "X" in the upper right corner of the windows to close the pop-up.

Don't click on anything except the X in the upper-right corner.

Don't trust that these pop-ups have your best interests at heart. Some so-called AntiSpyware tools are actually spyware themselves masquerading as a solution. In truth, they could only make your problems worse.

So what's a person to do once they know they've got a problem. Well, Symantec offers Norton Internet Security, but we don't recommend it. It's bloated and can really slow down your PC. The trade off for more protection at the expense of slower response times doesn't seem to be worth the price, in our estimation. There are, however, several free programs and a couple of for-pay programs that we highly recommend.

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Isn't AntiVirus Software Enough?
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