The Internet Explorer of Death

The Firefox web browser has several advantages over Internet Explorer. They include:

  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Pop-up Blocking
  • Hassle-free downloading
  • Privacy and Security
  • Customizable

Tabbed Browsing gives you the ability to have multiple pages opened in just one window. With IE, all pages are viewed in their own separate window. If you have twenty pages open, that can produce a great deal of taskbar clutter and be visually hard to managed. With Firefox, multiple pages are listed as tabs towards the top of the browser window which makes switching between them faster and easier.

Pop-up Blocking is a feature that only just recently made its way into IE. Regardless of that, Firefox seems to do a better job of catching and stopping them. Though some pop-ups can still make their way past almost any counter-measure.

Hassle-Free Downloads are a welcomed feature. Have you ever downloaded a file with IE only to forget where you told it to be put and then can't find it? With Firefox, downloads automatically go straight to your Desktop where you are sure to find them. If you change the default location, Firefox has a special downloads window available from its Tools menu. From this window you can see a list of everything you have downloaded and can open the files straight from there.

Privacy and Security are better in Firefox because it does not use ActiveX, a feature within Internet Explorer that allows programs and plugins to run or install automatically with little or no confirmation on the end-user's part. With Firefox, plugins have to be intentionally installed by end-users, or require several clear confirmation prompts. Because Firefox does not integrate itself into the operating system like Internet Explorer does, it does not have access to private information that might be residing elsewhere on your computer. If Firefox ever got cracked into, only Firefox would be cracked; the rest of your computer would still be secure.

Firefox is customizable. Firefox is just a simple web browser. It is not bloated with features you may never use. However, additional features are available as add-ons called extensions. With extensions it is possible to participate in chat programs, manage your music files, or manage E-bay bids all from special panels and tools accessible from Firefox itself. The look and feel of Firefox can be changed to suit your tastes. Do you think the program looks too garish or maybe it is too boring for your aesthetics, you can download and apply a different skin to change its appearance.

By far the biggest advantage to Firefox though is its security when compared to Internet Explorer. Spyware and viruses are less likely to infect your system if you abandoned IE and make the switch to Firefox. Some pernicious programs may still make their way through, but you can decrease their odds by switching. Firefox also supports all of the important and safe browser plugins that we have come to expect from IE such Flash, Java, QuickTime and more. Firefox supports Internet standards better than Internet Explorer does. It does not support some proprietary standards that Microsoft incorporated into IE only, however. This makes it less than ideal for some web sites that make use of the Microsoft-only standards. Some medical offices and health practitioners rely upon sites such as this for their charting and billing software, so Firefox may not be suited for office workstations in cases such as this. However, for most users, especially home users, there is no reason not to make the switch.

Go ahead! Do it! Switch to Firefox. You will be glad that you did and your computer will be healthier for it too.

First Night Cadillac web site as viewed from Firefox

Get Firefox!

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Internet Explorer of Death
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