The Internet Explorer of Death

For many PC users, Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the Internet. It is the gateway by which all access to the Internet occurs. If a web browser is used to access Hotmail or Yahoo! mail accounts, then IE is e-mail as well. It would be unfortunate then if such a huge portal into the our alternative electronic life was compromised by security holes that would allow that doorway to become a two-way street. People on the outside could get into our computers just as easily as we slip into the world of the Internet. Yet, this is exactly what happens every single day when web surfers use Internet Explorer to access the Internet.

Don't use it!

Internet Explorer is a huge target for those unscrupulous hackers who wish to compromise our systems' security and stability. This is because it is ubiquitous. Almost everyone has it on their PC, so almost everyone can be a potential victim of their attacks. Furthermore, because it has so many people studying it for weaknesses, security holes are discovered all the time. These holes can then be used as points of entry into a PC for viruses and spyware. A system that is kept current with all the latest security patches from Microsoft can be relatively secure, but in my experience, most people don't bother to update their systems frequently enough to be safe.

So what is a person to do? Stop using Internet Explorer? How can they when, as I have said, it is the Internet for so many people? The truth is IE is not the Internet. It's just a web browser and it is not the only one available. There are other options available that do not suffer from the same security breaches IE does. In fact, one program in particular, Mozilla Firefox, just might be in position to steal the crown away Internet Explorer and make itself the king of the web browsers.

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Internet Explorer of Death
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